About Us

Victoria (English)

Hello there! I’m Victoria and I’m a founder and an academic director of Panorama School. Teaching English has always been my passion and I’m committed to providing the best service to the students. My mission is to help people who arrive in the USA eliminate any language barriers and pave the way to the better future. When not working, I enjoy exploring NYC and meeting new people.


Tanya  (English Online)

Hello everyone, my name is Tatiana. Since I remember myself I’ve had only one true passion - English. I graduated from PSLU with a Bachelors degree in Linguistics. As an English language teacher I’ve worked with kids and adults of different ages. As soon as I moved to the US I’ve started working on improving my language skills. I’ve always wanted to grow in and become a part of this country, its beautiful traditions and culture. I‘m excited to help you through your English learning journey. I’m happy for this opportunity and I cannot wait to share my knowledge with you!


Nikki  (English)

Hi! Welcome to Panorama. My name is Nikki and I've been an ESL teacher for over 15 years. I love it! I taught students from all around the world and they have educated me about THEIR language and culture. English can be challenging sometimes but don't let that stop you from achieving your goals. Practice makes Perfect!!!!


Kate (English)

Hello everyone 

 My name is Kate. I have been teaching English for over 3 years. I used to live and work as an ESL teacher in China. I truly enjoy working with students from different countries, learning their cultures and traditions. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in translation theory of English and Spanish languages, that is where it all has begun.

 I am convinced that all students are capable of learning and I hope to make a difference in lives of my students.

I am a very easy-going and open-minded person. I enjoy reading, watching movies, meditation and music. However, my biggest passion is traveling. Nothing is better than having a feeling of freedom.

That’s why I mostly focus on speaking at my classes simply because we learn languages just to speak them. Let’s overcome all barriers and problems in a journey of learning foreign languages together.


Alejandra (English)

Hello everyone! My name is Alejandra and I have worked as an educator since I earned my

bachelor’s degree as an ESL Teacher in 2012. It was a dream of mine for a long time, to become a

teacher and help others. English is my passion; it has opened many doors in my life, so I encourage

you to take a step towards your dreams.

I strongly believe anyone can learn a second language and at the same time, it can be a lot of fun! I

enjoy meeting new people and tailoring my lessons to the specific needs and interests of

individuals. In my free time I enjoy exploring nature, exercising, baking, and reading wonderful literature.