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95% of our students recommended us to their friends and family members.

You will have a language immersion environment therefore, the primary focus will be speaking.

You will learn from certified teaches who have a talent to explain complicated things in a fun and simple way.

In order to learn more effectively you will study in small groups. A teacher has enough time to engage with every student  and make sure that you get an opportunity to speak a language.

We do not stop improving our quality and take more opportunities to make the school a more effective and comfortable place to learn.


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The Full Story

Panorama School was founded by Victoria Petrova – a teacher with a 10+ years experience teaching English as a Second Language.

Throughout her professional path she has been driven by the idea of having students truly fall in love with the language learning and helping them immerse in an American environment.

Panorama School personnel has a clear vision about students’ needs and try to go above and beyond in providing high standard education. We take pride in every single teacher working at the company and go the extra mile ensuring that students get the maximum value of our classes.

Seeing progress and mastery in our students inspires us to keep doing what we are doing. 

We have taught hundreds of students and feel very excited about more new graduates!


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